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High Valley Ranch


Improvement District Services, Inc.

3603 Crossings Drive 
Prescott, AZ 86305


3603 Crossings Drive, Prescott, AZ 86305
(928) 443-9484
Toll Free in AZ (800) 659-7149
Fax (928) 443-9486
Email Jennifer Bartos or Diana King

The High Valley Ranch Domestic Wastewater Improvement District was formed as a Special Taxing District in 1997 under the Arizona Revised Statutes Title 48. The District provides sewer service to the residential lots and community buildings in the High Valley Ranch subdivision and portions of the Rancho Vista subdivision, located in the Copper Basin Road area adjacent to the City of Prescott, Arizona.

The original construction of the low pressure sewer mainline was completed by the High Valley Ranch subdivision developer, George Lee. Once complete the sewer mainlines were connected to the City of Prescott’s sewer system for sewage treatment and the ownership of the mainlines were conveyed to the District. This type of low pressure system requires an on-site grinder/pressure unit to be installed and maintained by each individual connection. 

To verify whether or not a parcel is within the District boundaries, please logon to the Yavapai County GIS, search for the parcel number, and view the 'Tax Authorities' list for High Valley Ranch DWWID.

Properties that connect to the High Valley Ranch Domestic Wastewater Improvement District sewer system require an on-site grinder pump system that delivers the sewage from the home into the sewer system under pressure. It is the responsibility of the property owner to purchase, install and maintain the individual on-site system. These on-site systems will be located on your property and will serve only your individual lot. The District has minimum requirements for these on-site systems. It is important to keep the sewage flowing in the right direction and the pressure your pump applies must be consistent with the other pumps on the system.

Grinder Pump: A pump designed to reduce the size of all solid materials in a wastewater stream and capable of producing sufficient pressure to convey wastewater into the District's low pressure collection system.

In general the grinder system package will be a positive-displacement type pump capable of discharging to 138 feet of total dynamic head. The pump/grinder will be capable of processing domestic sewage into a slurry and discharge said waste to a low-pressure sewer system. The basin will be buried below ground with the access lid 4 inches above finished grade. The control panel will be capable of producing audible and visual alarms in the event of mechanical failure.

The District’s authorized representative must inspect the on-site system and sewer connection prior to backfilling. Please notify the administrative office when the connection is ready for inspection. The District representative will inspect the connection within two (2) working days from the date the inspection request was submitted. Any connection to the District’s system backfilled prior to inspection by the District shall be exposed within 48-hours at the applicant’s expense.

If you are experiencing an emergency,
please click here for emergency contact information. 

Copies of District documents are available upon written request. Hard copies are charged at .25 per page/per side plus postage for mailing. Documents sent via email are no charge unless large quantities of documents are requested that require a considerable amount of staff time. Please contact the District office in advance for an estimate of these charges. 


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