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Water & Sewer Utility Information

The American Ranch Domestic Water Improvement District is a special taxing district formed under the Arizona Revised Statutes Title 48 to provide sewer and water service to the properties within the boundaries of the American Ranch subdivision.  This District is a political subdivision of the State of Arizona and acts as a governmental entity, governed by an elected Board of Directors who are qualified electors, property owners and/or residents within the boundaries of the District.  

In summary, the District has the authority to own, operate and maintain the water and wastewater systems and charge fees and impose taxes for providing these services. The District cannot profit and the only source of revenue comes from the property owners and users of the systems.  All expenses necessary to maintain a healthy water and wastewater system must be borne by the District.  Therefore, annually at a public hearing the budget and fees are reviewed and adjusted appropriately to cover these costs.  

The District contracts with Improvement District Services, Inc. to provide the administrative services and with Western Environmental Technologies to provide the water and wastewater operations services, while the Yavapai County Treasurer serves as the District’s “banker”.

When properties within the District are developed, connection to the water and sewer system is required. The properties that connect to the sewer system require an on-site grinder pump system that delivers the sewage from the home into the sewer system under pressure.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to purchase, install and maintain the individual on-site system.  These on-site systems will be located on your property and will serve only your individual lot.  The District has minimum requirements for these on-site systems.  It is important to keep the sewage flowing in the right direction and the pressure your pump applies must be consistent with the other pumps on the system.  The District’s requirements are: In general the grinder system package will be a positive-displacement type pump capable of discharging to 138 feet of total dynamic head.  The pump/grinder will be capable of processing domestic sewage into a slurry and discharge said waste to a low-pressure sewer system.  The basin will be buried below ground with the access lid 4 inches above finished grade.  The control panel will be capable of producing audible and visual alarms in the event of mechanical failure.

Connection to the District's water system requires the installation of an approved backflow device.  This device will be installed by the District operator at the time the of the water meter installation.

The District’s authorized representative must inspect the water and sewer connections prior to backfilling. Please notify the administrative office when the connection is ready for inspection. The District representative will inspect the connection within two (2) working days from the date the inspection request was submitted. Any connection to the District’s system backfilled prior to inspection by the District shall be exposed within 48-hours at the applicant’s expense.

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