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Water Backflow Prevention Device Information

The water system has specific meter and backflow prevention device requirements which are listed in the American Ranch DWID Ordinance.


District Ordinance - Article III

Section 308 - Water Line Backflow Prevention


"Every building with plumbing fixtures of any type shall install a backflow prevention device to prevent backflow of water."


Please the complete District Ordinance for further details.

Policy adapted by the Board of Directors 
June 2, 2010
The standard above ground backflow device (double check valve used for domestic and irrigation) is included with the meter installation and if the homeowner wishes to have a below ground backflow device installed it will be provided and installed by the District’s operator at the homeowner’s expense; the RPZ above ground backflow prevention valve will be installed by the homeowner at their cost, but inspected, tested and approved by the District Operator, on all lots with wells for pasture and horse watering.


Backflow Prevention Device
The District water operator will install this device above ground, adjacent to the water meter on each property connected to the water system.  The cost of this installation is included in the hook-up fees.


The District Ordinance specifies that unauthorized persons or entities shall not tamper with water meters or backflow prevention devices in any way (do not adjust, shut off or turn on).  District authorized personnel shall perform all water meter and backflow prevention device installations, testing, repairs, or replacements. 


CARE OF THIS EQUIPMENT IS IMPORTANT – Expenses to repair damages caused to the backflow prevention device and/or water meter shall be reimbursed to the District by the property owner.

Freeze Protection Notice: The water operator will place an insulated freeze protection bag over the above ground backflow prevention device at the initial installation.  It is the property owner’s responsibility to periodically inspect the position of this bag to ensure the unit is well protected from freezing temperatures during the cold season.  If the owner suspects problems with the unit or the freeze protection bag contact the water operator or the District office:


American Ranch Domestic Water Improvement District
c/o Improvement District Services, Inc.
3603 Crossings Drive
Prescott, AZ 86305
(928) 443-9484 
Toll-free in Arizona (800) 659-7149
Fax (928) 443-9486

The installation of this device may look similar to this photo. This property owner chose to install a water supply riser on the house side of the device. 

L - R: Optional water supply, backflow prevention device installed above ground, and water meter installed below ground in a covered vault.



Water Pressure

 The backflow prevention device will lower water pressure from the meter by approximately 10 psi.  The District is required to deliver water from the treatment facility at a minimum of 30 psi but there are several factors that can cause water pressure to be lower at the structure – these factors can include the length and diameter of the service line, elevation and number of water outlets.  It may be necessary in some cases for the property owner to consider installing a water pressure unit that will increase the water pressure for their particular situation.


The valves are designed to equalize pressures and will occasionally discharge small amounts of water.

Covering The Backflow Prevention Device

It is permissible for the property owner to place an artificial rock only over the backflow prevention device for a more appealing aesthetic value, provided that access to the device by the District Operator remains available – however, the water meter vault and lid shall not be covered in any way and must be left clear for inspections and monthly meter reads.  Contact the American Ranch Homeowners Association for specification requirements for the artificial rock.


Insulated freeze protection bag next to
backflow prevention device.


Insulated freeze protection installed over backflow prevention device. For protection the unit should remain covered with the freeze protection bag at all times. 

Please contact the District office to confirm hearing dates or for more information:
American Ranch Domestic Water Improvement District
c/o Improvement District Services, Inc. 
3603 Crossings Drive
Prescott, AZ 86305
(928) 443-9484
Toll Free in AZ (800) 659-7149

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