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American Ranch Annual Board Meetings


The District is governed by an elected
5-member Board of Directors who are property owners and/or registered voters within the boundaries of the District:

David Puglia - Chair
Mark Kaplan - Vice-Chair

Cynthia Baker
Gerry Breuer
Liz Mahon

The Board of Directors are volunteers and private citizens outside of a Board Meeting. Individual Board Members have no authority to modify District policy or BOD decisions, these issues must be addressed by staff or a quorum of the Board at a meeting.  Jennifer Bartos is the District Clerk and liaison to the Board. Please contact Jennifer at or call 928-443-9484.

American Ranch Public Notice

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT the Governing Board of the American Ranch Domestic Water Improvement District pursuant to Section 38-431 and following Arizona Revised Statutes, as amended, hereby gives notice that it will hold its regular meetings on the following dates, at the following time and place:

DATE:  10:00 a.m. on the second Wednesday of the second month in every quarter. 
PLACE:  Zoom Video Conference or American Ranch – Ranch House, 9500 American Ranch Road, Prescott, Arizona

Notices and Agendas of such meetings will be posted at:  American Ranch – Ranch House, 9500 American Ranch Road, Prescott, Arizona and ARDWID Board Meetings

Copies of agendas for regular and special meetings and executive session may be obtained at: Improvement District Services, Inc.

3603 Crossings Drive Prescott AZ 86305. (928) 443-9484

             The respective agenda will be available to the public at such location not less than 24 hours prior to a meeting, unless the meeting covers an emergency as
              provided in Section 38-431.02, A.R.S.


             Executive sessions may be held by the Governing Board meeting as provided in Section 38-421.03, A.R.S. Notice of executive sessions will also be posted at
             the posting place.


             The Governing Board reserves the right to hold special meetings at times and places other than mentioned above.  Notice of time and place of any special
             meeting will be posted at the posting place.


            This notice shall be effective for the period commencing the date hereof and terminating the date a superseding notice is filed with the Board of Supervisors
             and posted at the place of posting above mentioned.




            By               Signature on File                                                                 

                      Jennifer J. Bartos, District Clerk/Administrator for Chairperson 

District Board Meeting Guidelines

The public is invited to attend regular meetings and hearings.

The meeting will be held in accordance with the Arizona Revised Statues Title 38 Open Meeting Laws.  Board and attendees participation shall be civil and courteous.  Any disruptive behavior could result in removal from the meeting.  Comments and questions from the public shall be called upon by the Board Chairman and shall begin with stating and spelling of the speaker’s name and address.  All comments and questions shall be directed to the Board Chairperson.  

The American Ranch is a gated community but access is provided to the public for Board Meetings and Hearings. A sign is posted at the gate prior to the meeting with information on how to obtain access to the grounds.

Persons with a disability may request a reasonable accommodation by contacting Jennifer Bartos, District Clerk, Improvement District Services, Inc. at (928) 443-9484.  Requests should be made as early as possible to allow time to arrange the accommodation.  Requests for copies of District documents
should be submitted in writing to:

Jennifer Bartos, District Clerk
Improvement District Services, Inc.
3603 Crossings Drive
Prescott, AZ 86305
Fax: (928) 443-9486


AR Agendas
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