Highland Pines Rates & Fees

The Highland Pines Domestic Water Improvement District is a taxing authority and has authority to collect fees pursuant to A.R.S. Title 48, et.al. Fees are charged to the property owner and run with the land.  Liens may be filed for past due accounts.  If you are buying or selling property within the boundaries of the District, it is important to confirm with your title company that all District fees have been reported and collected. Click here to view the District OrdinanceFor more information contact the District office: Jennifer Bartos jbartos@idsadmin.com

            Diana King diana@idsadmin.com

Rates & Fees Effective July 1st, 2019

Ad Valorem Tax (Secondary Property Tax):   $250,000.00

User Fee Residential - Water
     $50.00 per month flat rate, plus usage
     Water usage fee per 1,000 gallons:
     1-2,000 gallons @ $11.62
     2,001 - 4,000 gallons @ $17.43
     4,001 - 6,000 gallons @ $24.16
     6,001 - 8,000 gallons @ $36.24
     8,001 - 10,000 gallons @ $45.30
     Over 10,001 gallons @ $58.83

Girl Scout Camp:   $75.00 per month flat rate, plus usage
Girl Scout Camp:   $0.75 per 1,000 gallons
Administrative Fee for Delinquent Properties Disconnected from the System:   $50.00 per month, per account
Late Fee:   $5.00 + 1.5% per account, per month
Residential Permit Fee:   $3,000.00 per connection
Commercial Permit Fee:   F
ee is equal to and based on a calculation pursuant to the City of Prescott guidelines and rates for the specific requested use
Permit Fee:   $500.00 per application (includes one 5/8" meter installation)
Activation/Transfer Fee:   $150.00 per activation/transfer of ownership (sale of property)
Service Calls:   Actual cost as invoiced by contractor(s) for labor and supplies
Reconnection Fee:   $500.00 per shut-off/turn on, reconnection

Copies:   $0.60 per page
Historic Research:   $65.00 per hour
Ownership Research:   $65.00 per parcel (if no notification of ownership transfer)
Bill Reprint:   $1.25 per page
Duplicate Billing:   $5.00 per bill
Past Due Notice:   $25.00 per account (bill will be stamped with 'past due')
Lien Notice:   $85.00 per account (sent prior to a lien)
Second Lien Notice:   $35.00 per notice plus postage (if 1st notice returned)
File Lien:   $150.00 per account, includes lien release when account is paid in full
Returned Check Fee:   $25.00 per returned check
Shut-Off Doorhanger:   $50.00 each event

City of Prescott Impact Fee:   The connection fee is based on a calculation pursuant to City of Prescott guidelines for the specific requested use

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